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Changes in Thinking Influenced by the Digital Age

Women Online In 2020: Relationships Have Evolved, Services Of Being Single

From sorority row, to Las Vegas women are guided into a better way to live.

People are taken from the confines of the cupboard into the light of the Internet. Getting noticed in this current environment depends upon the usual natural laws with all the caveats. Men see this; many shape this but most just go along with it, not really knowing what’s happening. This is creating a modern monastic lifestyle with far less chaos.

Dating sites are on the rise and other agendas are being brought forward. Urban lifestyles cater for youth culture, in a country of heritage the same respect applies. That said youth, seem more pronounced, they will learn as fast as they teach the next generation. Online the parameters for all ages and disabilities have changed. And as always most attribute happiness and success with healthy long-lasting relationships.


Men and women have common needs, ‘normal relationships’ is an idea passed down from generations of wise people who unfortunately had no Wi-Fi access. This lead to a rewrite of cultural narratives dependent on cloud hosted information. Many of the old books got tipped in big trucks, this helps rewrite the past because most of the selective copying was done.

Text at a time when lexical text, in the correct language published was worth its salt. Writers and thinkers could make a fair living publishing there studies of older texts. Regardless of age, if you have the look, then you get the coaching. Coaching has become very popular alongside consultants. They both charge rates to organisations far greater than the national wage. Anyone can consistently do anything. Coaches and consultants work outside the usual selective parameters. Being attractive then is a collective decision. I propose from this the rapid changes we see in modern global society are shaped by this change. Also consultants and coaches are doing exactly what they are told for fear of failure. A similar discipline is needed for popular attractive young women online.

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This supports dominance of languages, changes in priorities of having ‘normal relationships’ and a shifting of accepting generational common laws. Swearing for example captures the importance of expressing, honestly the uncomfortable changed circumstances. Some take an objective view on this because they are happily protected; others get stuck in the cycle of life unable to even think about this.

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The importance of clear language is diluted; due to language derivation I support this. Rap music is a good example. Rappers use grunting lines in lyrics, and mix languages sometimes even so fast you miss what is being said. That is good because normal rules of communications are less necessary. Judgments about the past made us let go and the changes are happening fast. The line in the sand once drawn has been ruffled by the tide and the footprints of man and women. Dance music is even better, similar to any composition the audience is much easier to please. Free from frustrating prejudice. I sure you agree entertainment is very important.

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An Enjoyable Reality Check

Hopefully this reads as an enjoyable reality check for a variety of people. There is a fine line between speculating and measuring the line between reality and truth.

You are only at where you are at, for example the truth is that I am here and you are there, where as it’s also a possible reality we are here hopefully on the same page. We are all here for our own reasons. You might be a helper through compassionate associated reasons and I appreciate you visiting Media Marketing Communications #MMC.

Hi my name’s Robert Bridge writer, poet, DJ, Twitter addict so firstly thanks for visiting. However you arrived here I would love you to explain in the comments below how you arrived here. I used to pride myself in what I understood about Analytics with websites. In ten years studying and tracking I feel overloaded more than ever. Tracking visitors is fine, knowing why people revisit is good but understanding how new visitors find me is another.

It’s a reality most average websites overtime gather transaction through services rendered and consistency around these services which narrows it down a bit as to why they are where they are. Qualitatively we can assume certain things about questions these visitors key into Google. In my case though I have given up trying to understand, partly because I rabbit on about all sorts of stuff, mainly though because I have a reasonable knowledge of a broad amount of topics.

meet Robert BridgeThe reality check is acceptance and honesty. The reality cheque is different you create your own reality based on a vociferous why for more cash, sales, votes and stage star applause. Or your why is simple people pleasing, saying the right thing at any moment. Looking people in the eye seeing if you can honestly help. Not everyone are brave or stupid enough to ask for help. So I see now why we frame our own new realities. It’s like a piece of entertaining art designed to draw you in, overtime faith grows in this image where we desire to possess and own other people’s imaginative works.

Looking is a sense of the eye and seeing other people looking at art, smiling, talking, out and about is a big why. To understand this thesis however requires clarity, focus and theoretical testing. Anyone who remembers old school eye tests will understand how difficult looking from a long distance is. With technology opticians diagnose more people’s visions. The optician board like a calendar are still about yet digital versions have rendered annual purchases of these paper practicalities to decline. Now you could be walking down the street whilst taking an online eye test, vaping and monitoring the amount of paces you make via the trusty modern day wrist watch.

We are all contenders for countdown and there is always someone to replace players, hosts, mathematicians and language humanists. Equally the guy behind the camera or the ladies in the studio twiddling buttons on graphic equalizers are indispensable though replaced at the drop of a hat.

This is where consultants come in. Once the rug was pulled from under the feet from clerical divisions in Government consultancy firms enter the Frey with template reports and PowerPoint repeaters. Everyone is confused. From outside banks employ outside bodies to replace old school members of the communities. This is expensive, proved mostly ineffective and cultivated a dependency on template test sheets being faxed and emailed around Europe.

Listen here for hopefully another enjoyable reality check