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2020 is the year of the rat, I was born on year of rat.

Is been an interesting year, nothing bad has happened.

So far so good. Is been a challenging year though. Virus lockdown, Brexit blues, loss of loved ones, difficulties in the kitchen, bathroom and supermarkets.

All sorts of stuff is happening.

Music has been crucial branch of communications.

techno house 2020 robbwindow Mixcloud

I sure you agree is easy to become silenced. You cannot bottle it up though. Keep doing what you can and we’ve connected now thanks to global VoIP n text communications.

There are new apps I want to tell you about and other bloat wear for computers and mobile phones. Some things to look out for when watching YouTube, new updates on Twitter and all sorts of other video multi share alternatives.

So it begins like this. I am 48 now so bare with me. This year the whole world has been experiencing and monitoring all sorts of stuff.

Most of what I say applies to people already online. With that said I am aware many of you reading have just logged on.

Perhaps you deciding where to go next, which article will help you get from a – b.

Reading two pages is enough for anyone daily so I keep it brief. Be sure to bookmark this site, listen to the music, root around.

Look for links that catch your eye.

Today’s Mix made couple of weeks ago is electronic music again.

Shorter one is more house than techno, hope you enjoy selection and attached artwork.

Most of what I do is simply to show how easy it all is. Art work from selfies or any other photograph is edited on mobile apps from the Google Play store.

The Pixel phones from Google work great because they not limited. Apps although having in-house upgrades are free.

Using a couple of Apps one after the other can easily help make original content. Video editing is good now too, YouTube has some interesting in-house editing, Tumblr, Instagram uses some fancy lens without need for Boomerang which if you know is nice.

Does anyone have a HD card they can recommend which works for Playstore apps.

Also if you know Amazon could you tell them to update their App Store because is getting rather embarrassing for them. They haven’t updated for years.

So fingers crossed, you haven’t caught anything, your hands and feet are clean and you have plenty toiletries and groceries.

Buses require masks so plenty masks too. News daily is still playing even though most of that has eased off.

Everything seems to be ok, everyone better now. The cities opening up again along with pubs and other churches.

Like the economy your mental health will be due a stimulus. Again cool because you deserve to have a fully charged scooter.

The hospital’s have done a good job and the NHS is like Parliament still intact and many companies are happier having you at home.

Is cheaper and your not bunging up their toilets with lavatory paper.

If I had a company I would start there. Paper coaching, one square at a time please. No leaving junk in the cubicles.

Again this virus has made people rethink the way they go about seducing everyone.

Couples at home must feel extra loyal and outside or in the office less people are caught photocopying each other.

Is just nice, although it will cost a bit to get everything back on track. The good news is most of you have caught up on the new genre’s out there of music.

I do get bored easily so I wrap this up. The Apps for monitoring if somebody you know has a virus in your vicinity originates from dating apps. So be mindful of what settings you allow on mobile apps.

Walking past people can not only predict if you can catch virus, but also gives classified love n travel column’s a wider scope.

An app that providers a way of finding out who caught you eye on the Tube 20 minutes ago, stuff like that.

Cold calling for surveys when you pass by certain barriers.

Face recognition and finger print identity used to tell how happy you after this experimental lockdown.

Equally power is another topic, wireless power, wireless chargers and new microwave type frequencies.

We’ve all been reunited with meditation and as much as nice music is great the silence outside we have enjoyed is about to change.

These sorts of disruptions can form all sorts of ripples. So get excited about it, let’s see where it ends up.

I remain optimistic and look forward to doing something too. Enjoy!

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Changes in Thinking Influenced by the Digital Age

Women Online In 2020: Relationships Have Evolved, Services Of Being Single

From sorority row, to Las Vegas women are guided into a better way to live.

People are taken from the confines of the cupboard into the light of the Internet. Getting noticed in this current environment depends upon the usual natural laws with all the caveats. Men see this; many shape this but most just go along with it, not really knowing what’s happening. This is creating a modern monastic lifestyle with far less chaos.

Dating sites are on the rise and other agendas are being brought forward. Urban lifestyles cater for youth culture, in a country of heritage the same respect applies. That said youth, seem more pronounced, they will learn as fast as they teach the next generation. Online the parameters for all ages and disabilities have changed. And as always most attribute happiness and success with healthy long-lasting relationships.


Men and women have common needs, ‘normal relationships’ is an idea passed down from generations of wise people who unfortunately had no Wi-Fi access. This lead to a rewrite of cultural narratives dependent on cloud hosted information. Many of the old books got tipped in big trucks, this helps rewrite the past because most of the selective copying was done.

Text at a time when lexical text, in the correct language published was worth its salt. Writers and thinkers could make a fair living publishing there studies of older texts. Regardless of age, if you have the look, then you get the coaching. Coaching has become very popular alongside consultants. They both charge rates to organisations far greater than the national wage. Anyone can consistently do anything. Coaches and consultants work outside the usual selective parameters. Being attractive then is a collective decision. I propose from this the rapid changes we see in modern global society are shaped by this change. Also consultants and coaches are doing exactly what they are told for fear of failure. A similar discipline is needed for popular attractive young women online.

a journey to music

This supports dominance of languages, changes in priorities of having ‘normal relationships’ and a shifting of accepting generational common laws. Swearing for example captures the importance of expressing, honestly the uncomfortable changed circumstances. Some take an objective view on this because they are happily protected; others get stuck in the cycle of life unable to even think about this.

robert bridge

The importance of clear language is diluted; due to language derivation I support this. Rap music is a good example. Rappers use grunting lines in lyrics, and mix languages sometimes even so fast you miss what is being said. That is good because normal rules of communications are less necessary. Judgments about the past made us let go and the changes are happening fast. The line in the sand once drawn has been ruffled by the tide and the footprints of man and women. Dance music is even better, similar to any composition the audience is much easier to please. Free from frustrating prejudice. I sure you agree entertainment is very important.


Charismatic Affluence, Age and The Art of Not Seducing People

Society over centuries has been influenced by Charismatic people unconsciously mirroring biblical proportions

Since man crushed grapes 🍇 charisma has been used. Moses used it to lore members to the mount. Other men with beards went down in history. Basically just seducing everyone they met into believing something, whilst using intriguing techniques which helped them go down in history through stories. Often to the point they put down on paper. This sort of thing influenced the industry and the ‘industry’ makes it mandatory in hearts and minds of others. Understanding your role in the power structures finely cemented in cities all around the world will help you understand more about you. Nothing Alpha or Beta, more master or servant.

The effects of this can be seen in gentrification of areas. Beard boutiques sprout up as society tells man he should emanate Moses, Mohammed and women should radiate Sheba’s, Cleopatra’s and Marilyn Munroes. History written down, passed down word of mouth has always been limited. The Internet brain still has to figure out these things, the Internet group mind is even more prone to quickly being seduced into quickly following such ideals. Roman structures still exist. Greek mythology still turns heads. And Mongolian score sheets still carry weight.

Look around, strip away all dress sense, beneath the veil are groovy footwear. Beneath the clear plastic bags are modern fluffy hats, 60’s scooters and other bell boy uniforms. The art of seduction like a lemon 🍋 has been well squeezed. Still all walks of life gravitate towards seducing and gaining influence. Text becomes televised, headers only become bolder just as recipes become international. Equally ingredients mould and adapt depending on what’s available. All is available to buy not everything is able to grow. So then is charisma learned, expected and if neglected the secret of success or failure? I think not. However…

By hiding behind the veil man fits into the agenda imposed by generations of experience. Most of these are good memories and only when the end is bad does the memories of growing up lead to legends in cages. I imagine centuries ago a growth of ones life of charlatans never got interrupted, intelligence was as low as eye cue. For years charismatic man played the numbers game, playing and strategising. If you really want to free yourself from attachment, your going to have to stop seducing everyone and that means examining the effects and causes. I have given you the roots, the locks of history I sure you agree is plain site, all you have to do is map your best exit. After-all the chances of you already being manipulated as servant by masters are very real. But why should you listen to me. I like most are not absolved from the pleasures of flesh. I like many are intrigued by power. And I like you and many others are stone free from all dogma. So just what is it that attracts man to women in vials and men who look like great great grandpa? Companies know this sort of thing and they hire CEOs forcing them into leadership roles. I sure they study these arts. Many in city train and study martial arts 🥋 yet not all win races. I a big fan of rabbit 🐇 and tortoise. I see myself as a touché turtle 🐢 and yes this is another seduction technique. Originating from females thousands of years ago who used charm and animalism to work their way through neighbouring empires. Some more active sexually than others. Those with a fresh taste had advantages. Youth easily crushed, elders addicted and flexed, women fresh or well oiled machines. The whole mechanistic pattern of relationships is although jaded out in the open. The reward systems in place are balanced in society with brown letters and other machine operated responses.

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May Day Updates SoundCloud Pet Talk

find your purpose with food
Media Marketing Communications III podcast. The third one afraid in on SoundCoud rather than Podbean. Listen in a find out all sorts of stuff from my mindful babble.

Hiya and welcome to this weeks media marketing communications blurbs. My hope is to ignite and transpire that spark that lives in all of us. We are all Firestarters, the consequent occurance of events creates allsorts of stuff. If you listen to my 20 minute blurbs you might be able to be, do or have anything. A disclaimer for the FTC in America is that I know nothing, I am not a fizzy drink or Caesar Cezanne and any academic knowledge shared is nothing new. Infact most of it is three years old, some of this is years out of date andd allsorts of other examples.

When you look into mainstream media you find oligopoly and monopolies swearing allegiance to allsorts of mixed messages. Often missing crucial news to stop contenders of the public getting rammed in the ring.

Since the beginning of time we have seen the red carpet be pulled from underneath the feet of normal citizens. People falling left, right and centre to allsorts of stuff. And as the red flag raises, be mindful of the hooks, sinks and troughs people send out. Like the Argentinean Isles you could find yourself stuck in that damp trench for days and no one will find you.

Whatever your trip is: health, wealth, survival and other readings this will complement that. So please place on those headphones and set aside 20 minutes of your busy day listen to my meanderings.

Yours in Blogging Media through blurbs and podcasts,

Robert Bridge


Why Some People Choose to Not Invest in Anything

The difference between news-and-society, pure-opinion, computers-and-technology online can be difficult to navigate, thats why many roles are available.



Contracts were made to help educate people searching for new skills to get better at computing. One question is how valuable are all these new skills in the current working environment? Investing in people skills online, yes or no?
invest in anything

Arts and Entertainment online is very popular group in news and society. This is a business article overview of employment information gathered from different types of people seeking employment.



EzineArticles Cartoon


In this article are helpful insights about communications of employers, clients and the newly employed in the computer / technology industry.


Businesses online is like anything else always changing. People with money can make money investing wisely. Notably all clients spoke highly about how much energy they felt they had before they even started searching for jobs.


We also factored in the knowledge of the ongoing pressure from knowing and taking part in such activities. Any kids, teens out there who are wondering what the future holds for them can get a lot from this sort of helpful information.


Newspaper questionnaires that ask personal questions before beginning a relationship with young readers to shape political opinions.


By accumulating a database of opinions, measuring click through rates, reading comments and popularity shared on social media online newspapers are able to offer reports to sell to similar news outlets.


The difference between news-and-society, pure-opinion, computers-and-technology online can be difficult to navigate, that’s why many roles are available.


Contracts are made everyday to help educate people searching for new skills to get better at computing.


Internet-and-Businesses-Online are always looking through various methods to use people, preferably over five miles of where companies are located.


The international outsource PPC-Advertising companies look for contributors their internet-and-businesses-online.


Watch my Three part reading of Finnegans Wake over on YouTube over three hours listening of this complex book.


Business in a box is another popular alternative route.


Coding is very popular but takes time to learn and figure out.


People interested in business in boxes do not want to worry about coding, they just want an attractive system with built-in monetization.


The same goes for writers, journalists and bloggers.


Everyone want qualified visitors for whatever they create or want people to know about.


Internet-Marketing employers were less likely to get back to people looking to do Business with these sorts of people.


The stigma with business in boxes and multi level marketing programs is that they are not unique, often selling other peoples products and dreams.


They lack any unique content and generally the people behind the box are not well-known or of any celebrity interest.

Behind a business in a box however is someone who has made money online and that is the attraction.


The solution for healing this marked MLM (Multi Level Marketing) industry is solved with attractive marketing label.

High impact graphics and cleverly configured ways of getting people to join email lists, selling lots of products bundled together in the hope that one of them may make online computing easier for the visitor.


Another popular money-making scheme for PR, PA and large conglomerate companies in the busy world of recruitment is through internships, 0 hour contracts and data mining.


It’s big money and you can have your own company running on autopilot without paying a dime.


If you have a location and a bit of experience there are thousands of people out there desperate to get a job pressured to work for nothing.


Data mining was a joke by the way it’s actually illegal to do although it’s an obvious fear that people have when searching for work online.


We needed a common computers-and-technology to show making money online was not a one chance saloon.


So we set up employees with artificial software and gave them advanced communicating tips on what questions to ask next.


A Mobile-Cell-Phone provided with every message and call recorded. They call it phone hacking, lots of media companies have been pulled up on this sort of thing. Understandably people may think the agencies are to blame for offering these sort of incentives in the first place.


Training given and scripts to help people increase chances of finding ‘positive people’.


Team training given that awards good behaviour and let people know when they have failed.


Cash incentives, sharing the hotel fee’s and commuting together to outside areas.


They cultivated a positive-attitude and made sure enough power was available so as communications could begin and took the stress out by highlighting simple solutions that speeded up the path to success.


Overtime its easy to see why some people choose to not invest in anything, they almost become allergic each time nothing ever comes of all their efforts.


They begin to see through all the tricks that people play.


But my hope is that they do not give up because there is hope out there. Things are always changing which is half the fun.