The Hemetic Seal of Venom Suit

The recent Marvel movie πŸŽ₯ Venom (2018) is an alien πŸ‘½ film with a hermetic seal suit.

The science behind the suit is based on magical practises of magicians, necromancers, and Hugonauts.

Marvel has conjoured up another enterpretation of Spiderman cartoon characters arche enemy Venom. Is a very entertaining film which reveals various secrets known between old hermetic orders.

This is not a movie review, although I do recommend this film. As usual Stan Lee makes an appearance. The focus in today’s article looks at this rubber like suit which seals the human body protecting the wearer from outside fatal forces of the universe.

This month I heard an interesting British radio show pointing out NASA space suits were hand knitted in complicated patterns to protect man when out of space. This weaving of space suits fascinates me and takes man made clothes to the Nth degree.
For centuries in literature man has explored logos.

Symbolism reminds alchemists about the process being done. Magic and alchemy is a series of steps taken to move closer to an outcome. Alchemical cooking is a psychic process done behind the scenes of a physical objective. The objective in conjunction with modern day science is to safely take man beyond planet earth 🌍.

Since man has crushed grapes πŸ‡ he’s sort wealth, health and happiness. Between 11th to 16th century work of hermeutic lergustus and the base matter virus of the philosophers stone, man has sort a rebearth of himself. This brought groups together by offering enlightenment.

In Venom the alien particle seeks man to survive on earth and man is tempted by the ability to go beyond earths healthy atmosphere.

People likewise have dreamed of escaping earths trappings of propaganda, slavery up to the workhouses sprouting up in the 19th century.

A polished obsidian Asteck Mexican show stone is stored here in Britain. This stone was used in Elizabethan times to channel its energies for lotharios political purposes related to understanding logos.

Lets say the Venom suit found on a meteorite is a magical πŸ§™πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ lode stone. And this new particle assists man to go boldly where no man has gone before.

Mix this with the astronauts interestingly knitted silk suit and the historically documented rise of the rubber trade, plus the gnostic ideal of immortality your left with the perfect trapping of symbiosis.

Ed Kelly, Jon Dee even Harry Potters had a well read occult audience based here at some point in Britain.

The star of the Venom movie is a popular British actor. That said his accent is a broadly American accent but don’t let that put you off watching.

The seal where the rubber meets the road, in accordance with what we know about the β€˜Logos’ objectives of alchemy, science, entertainment and belief is fluent in Venom. Good film, if you get chance check it out. πŸ‘

By Robert Bridge

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