The Journey of Music

a journey to music
I have never really spoke about music which is weird because I spend a portion of my time listening to all sorts of sounds. Musical instruments have grown as the global village collides with other cultures. The beat of the drum in one side of the world brings new information to another. These things can take time to process and find its place. Sometimes it is an ad agency who cottons on to the rhythm and uses the tune frame a new car in the consumers eyes from the ears. Other times it just lies rusty on some CD rack for years until someone or some company finds a practical use for it. I like music because it evokes all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Like a Mechanical Bride it sets the scene for the occasion. The problem with music is that not all sounds are everybody’s cup of tea. The music is at times to distracting, or the DJ is out of sync and sorts.
And it’s easy to get bogged down with the new sound, well it used to be anyway. I like when a young composer is born and immediately comes with a knowledge, pattern and shape of things to come. The reality is know every note has already been studied and like any good DJ these days, music is just a hodge podge of riffs already created.
a journey to music
The artists of the past like scientists of today studied sounds and the effects. They found certain sequence of notes created impressionable memories that stood out. From the outside these sounds could in effect replace any negative thoughts and struggles, equally these sounds could interrupt some important work of someone who knows and likes what they are already doing. This could be another reason why we all have different tastes. Which brings me onto the next important point I would like to convey.
When I first studied music at school we listened to Strauss, Listz, Mozart, Chopin and Scott Joplin. I liked the Scott Joplin so I decided to learn how to play the piano which I paid for my own lessons by doing a paper round. It was a chalenging round up a hill called Bradda. The great parts were the shop was on the same hill and coming back was great. The hill was so steep the volocity on my racer bike was pretty quick. This was before the days of head phones and walkmans. Anyway my piano instructor died on the piano waiting for me to arrive for a lesson. She was in her eighties, I feel like I have told this story numerous times before the ebony and ivory was stained with tobacco, her nails were the same, long and brown. Anyway my excuse is I had apendix removed. Mrs Williams was a good piano teacher and when I could remember I liked playing music that somebody had already written, Christmas songs etc.
Her death and the pain of having appendix removed made an impression on me and caused a lot of worry for family members, friends at school and the nurses at hospital. My pops was great, as a gift for getting through the operation he got me a Star Wars watch with R2D2 and C3P0 on its face. I am not sure when I first got into electonic music. The age of the computer I can clearly remember and the traces of electronic music in bands is going to be tricky but I give it my best shot. I was only seven so it must have been late 78 or 79.
I watched Star Wars with my pops at the cinema, I have seen that film a few times at the cinema. I liked the game on the Isle of Man in the arcade. They had Tron and a Star Wars game next to it that moved up and down as you destroyed the X Wings and entered the Death Star. The music when attributed with the popularity and futuristic things made a big impression enough to spend 50p a go or £1.00 for three goes. I also liked Qu Ebert, Tron, Tarzan Mr Do and allsorts of games. Anything to keep me away from the flashing lights of fruit machines. Sounds were coming from all directions in the penny arcades. From slides to prices earned through scooping them up on a building site.
These were the real marketers, they worked on building sites and did all the ground work. I can see them now behind the keyboard typing in their dusty boots to pay for auto responder fees and holidays. Behind every sports car and musicians condo is a genius waiting to get out. I miss my pops though he passed away on a machine in hospital that was keeping him alive after a brain seizure 4 or 5 years ago. I will take a break but I promise to continue cronocholing music and what music means to me. Thank you.
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