The Power Of Now And Brain Patterns

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Right now your brain is changing, its always changing because of the surrounding fluids. Your ability to stay in the now is fired up by brains. Arguably you have three brains and we will get to that argument a bit later on (everyone loves a critical argument true or false…). The brain has various functions which create allsorts problems when things go wrong and getting to the bottom of what is going on inside the brain is not easy to determine. The parts of the brain for example to frontal cortex or the corpuses coliseum, the orbital area around the eyes we know much about. Also the 70+ part of the brain we know enough about to dismiss theories or improving percentages of the brains with alternative methods. It would be great to make a pill that makes everybody clever at trading, but that is not going to happen sometime soon. What we can do is take extra care to protect the brain. Understanding what is going on is winning the first part of the battle. Especially if normal people suddenly act strangely. We know this from research done on the damaged frontal cortex and get hereditary ideas from your family history, like any illness the brain has a family resemblance to either one or both of your parents. On top of all this there are loads of clichés that we use in English Language (and I guess other languages) that add to the mysterious brain. He’s a bright spark. They had a hunch (spinal tap). It was more than a gut feeling, it was something he could feel in his bones. Like the 70% part of the brain we don’t use the inside of bones (marrow) is as pointless as the 70% of the brain we do not use. We carry this mush about with us everywhere we go. In the bones and brains, so is it little wonder pains in the neck occur. When the frontal lobe is damaged however we can see the symptoms first hand. For example when people become extra brave or overly unusually aroused its safe to assume to slice of damage has been done to the frontal cortex. Similarly the orbital area lower down can be effected when someone has a stroke, if again for example a parent had a stroke at a certain age you might want to bookmark that because it maybe you can prevent something similar happening to you. As in computers not all brains are wired the same. There is no safety helmet that is going to protect you. A spectrometer is one of those printers that are supposed to show brain patterns to highlight the truth. This is one way why people use clichés about the bowels being part of the brain that gives away whether someone is telling the truth. Certain bowel movements are said to give the game away, along with spinal jitters and facial twitches. Anyone with knowledge surely can learn how to override these tell tale deviances. You see the brain patterns are intricate as the knitting patterns we see our grandma doing as a challenge from the usual norm.

By Robert Bridge

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