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To understand what is working now you need to do the same things everyone else has been doing for a few years. We are all social media influencers feeding the machine.

Social media influencing is a bit like Dale Carnegie without all the historical complications. To understand what is working now you need to do the same things everyone else has been doing for a few years. You see not matter how a social media site changes the way it would like users to engage the methods of engagement, the very same metrics are in place. Yes you can follow the startups that are coming into the sector who bring new bursts of energy into the landscape, but really it’s the same people who get hired.
There is no way around fixing you up with employment. We cannot choose the schools location and proximity to the most reputable colleges. But what we can do is clear a few things up for you, and provide new patterns for you to follow. And yes-social media even provides ways and means to help you fake it till you make it.
You see not everyone is going to share and comment on whatever it is you want them to comment on. Regardless of popularity and ad campaigns at your disposal. And you will be surprised by who already know this stuff. Some of the information shared over the years has made an impact on other peoples lives.
They are lucky and follow weekly rituals planted deep inside the info graphic map laid out a good few years ago. Its good to add, social media is nothing new and there is nothing cool about being cooped up inside next to a computer. So it’s good then to find a weekly ritual that is as obvious as making a cup of tea. Understanding all the supportive sites for one task is something you might have to mind map before these patterns actually mean anything to you.
Robb2Like the high street, social media has so many distractions. When you understand the distractions you will find it easier to delete or adopt into your own strategy. It just depends what you want to do. Many people are tempted by monetisation rather than what is cool. People get bogged down by sharing 100% when about 95% of what is already rotating is great, a lot of time has been spent by other people understanding this simple principle. You can do one thing really well if you just do that.
Outside of this like any good company, delegating tasks is really good. As a social media conductor you should be easily be able to navigate around and identify parts of your own puzzle. Some things require daily monitoring, conversations for example of the easiest habit to form over the phone. Now conversational habits are happening on social media. So why not delegate a time to respond to these conversations. A time to respond and share likely emails that catch your eye.
A time to do weekly tasks that enhance the site you choose to use. The complimentary sites that enhance and broaden the options available. Also as we have seen over the years the social sites that stick around and the ones that evaporate after a short while. This is not to say they are any good and who is to say any startup would benefit from internal proprietary API duplication once it all disappears.
Notably another factor people often forget in online business are many companies wanted access to the buzz but can’t due to technology. When your intranet is 2003 and for obvious reasons sites like Face book are out of bounds. Or a social site like Stumble Upon is telling you to update your browser. You might not be able to download the latest and greatest browser. This is not to say the technology you have at hand is restrictive in anyway, because the rituals in place available are perfectly good.
You see providing food for social is nothing new. Your providing documents, videos and slides internally. Your coaching people to do the same stuff you have done yourself but over there is a really well engaged party going on. These parties often create their own rules and end up regretting the amount of people’s attention they capture. To cut costs they choose free venues that they should not have done. They forget to consider the value of security and put far to much trust in people attending the party. But imagine crashing the party and like a CIA agent being able to navigate between the people at the party who are contributing to the entertainment of the night, not causing to much trouble and know what it takes to coordinate and make things run smoothly. Yes it’s a bit like that. Social media is a party waiting to happen. The multi media used is the same. The format is the same. The strategies are the same; the ability to build up a buzz and advertise any up and coming ways are something we learn from. Covering all bases helps but without delectable documentation of a surefire way of doing things you’ll find yourself swimming in the paddling pool.
Equally audits are going to happen, leaders become disillusioned and drop out which is a great chance for you to take the lead. Is there a way you can go back in time and identify a strategy that worked once upon a time for someone else? Probably and if you are lucky when you find the right place to boogie it will explain step by step what to do.
More comprehensive and free sites require explanations from the users themselves. That is the great thing about you tube. If you find a great site that has potential to either effectively use something like Interest or something more useful for moving from first base around the social media field spend a couple of learning mode hours to Google videos and previous hangouts and watch them. It can really help you navigate new sites and find the gems, which actually help raise your voice on social media.
Often all you will be doing is enhancing the 75% of fresh content already out there. Some of you will be restricted by what you do in the industry you are, for example banking or legal promotions so be mindful of this when setting everything up. You might find logging in is only required every month or every six months. If this is the case be sure to factor this in.
social media influencer strategies
You can send out six monthly reminders on your calendar that sends an email reminder to your inbox. If you are using a domain name on your email be sure to from the offset find out ways to blend it in with Google, Microsoft or any sites you pay for. If you are in a team, don’t hog the ball; no one likes a team member who always scores the goals. And as any team manager will tell you, if there is a strong team member then its good to single them out or have someone shadow there every move. Social media however is not all about defence, the mid fielders; goalies, referee’s and strikers are equal for team success.
To many managers again can affect the understanding, bringing new people in for some can be a big deal. So do not get to disappoint ed when you do what I talk about here and get no recognition or hired. What you are doing is simply forming habits, quietening the noise and politely learning how to navigate away from all the noise out there.
To be recognised as a social media influencer takes years of doing daily tasks, within a few months of systematically doing the same tasks you will build memento and you do not login don’t be surprised if no recognition ever takes place. And here is another take away your ROI is not going to put money on the table. However it is going to give you a smile and a nod from like-minded people.
You might have to block and mute. And the quicker you get to recognise other people’s patterns then you can understand their goals. This will make it much easier to block when you understand. Or it can help you to reposition your strategy and join in the party buzz.
The last things you want however is to be walking around in circles year after year, so note that down and share that with friends on social media to. How are you not? What kinds of things will you be monitoring? What steps have you learned from a site and where is the complimentary video. It’s almost like being a vicar doing the marriage. Take the signed contract and put it somewhere you can see it. Overtime these patterns will make sense.
If anything I get it. Social media influencer definitions are not what you think it is, its what’s already happening. There will be interruptions, take note and learn from these new strategies. Understand where they are coming and move on. At a later date when the buzz has settled you can duplicate and mix, match and test. If you want to be an influencer of social media, first understand what this means. Second choose, register, learn and attach to a main hub. Walk down the high street where influencers are, be sure when window-shopping to ask questions that’s what people are there for. If art is your thing and already a recluse, get that stuff out there; find out how best to water mark it.
Look for art fans rather than the sharks. You might have to impress the sharks but just be mindful a lot of the biggest influencers are lazy and would rather pay other people do all the steps for them. The strategies they have are different. Dale Carnegie identified this and at the end suggested that you hand it over to a power greater. Well we have this power already. The internet regardless of where you live, the restrictions in place at any given time or the software you can afford to do whatever you do, is something for you to consistently master.
There are too many sections a social media influencer can fail in, so ask what are they? Define and understand the soup and clear up the mess. if you feel like a carpet bagger or pigeon holed and trapped in any way then use whatever is you like consistently doing but change the direction your going. It’s easy to fall in a hole. We have all been trapped in the trenches in one-way or another.
Some of the greatest minds have survived these awful situations, men in services, women and families, sports celebrities who have gained respect in their local community for doing a sport the community loves. Or entertained at night the locals and rose the community from depression and helped get through hard times. As long as the entertainment is there the bar spend will be good to go. This is another good tip, when you understand and align yourself on some of things on offer. ROI of corporate companies and the sharks has a major amplification, it has to and the ad budget is equally as impressive. But if you share it could be much more beneficial. It may raise your ROI and may make you look like you are dabbling in arbitrage but who cares; it’s a party right?
Three things, keep it simple, snazzier and cool. Well done. In my books you’re now a social influencer. Don’t get too caught up in the Dogma out there, yes it has reasoning but can take a lifetime to understand. The world is rapidly changing, people are becoming more and more confused and I am not here to add to that pile of compost. That is not the job of a social media influencer.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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