The Titan of Television

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The Titan of Television

The studio was grey and the people who worked there worked well as a unit.

At home the family sat glued to the television waiting for their show.

An outside electronic shop has the same channel on and a window shopper is waiting for the show to start.

The cue starts with a board “and ten seconds, ten, nine, eight…” and “go, action, you’re now live”. As this happens a shuffling of papers always occurs at the studios news desk and behind the scenes everyone has headphones on staring at many monitors.

Hi my names John Smith and my names Jane Jones, we are your hosts for the evening, welcome to the 5 oclock news.

“He looks smart today” mother says to son on the sofa playing with lego bricks. “Is daddy”. He always said that when mom said that.

The guy outside on the high street stared at the television as passers by went from a – b. Obviously he cannot hear but seemed entranced by the show. Perhaps he knew them or something.

There is something about live television and having your body broadcast out through the lens, through the wires and out to televisions and computers, able to pick up live broadcasts. Always been his goal to be on television and had been doing it ever since. They called him the Titan of Television because of his experience.

John loved Jane but he loved his wife more and so did Jane, love her husband that is. Together they made a good team. They were like birds of feather and for years and years managed to stick together. They were’nt having sex together despite the tabloid romours, they were just good friends and colleagues. They had a plan before broadcasting what they would wear. Colour was a key social lubricant in their relationship.

The studio was just one part of the show. John would often go outside the studio or further afield. Sometimes Jane would come out with him or go out with the rest of the team. The crew were very tight and they all had each others telephone numbers. Neither of them were afraid to get their hands dirty which always played a vital part of the shows successful chemistry.

It was not always like this, the media had a frenzy when the show first aired on television. Jane was very pretty yet professional and John very smartly dressed at all times. He just looked the part for the show. Both spoke very well and when the telepromter halted they kept on talking filling in the gaps. The shows producer was well pleased. The ratings were high and millions of people regularly tuned in to see the show.

They both have silly conversations on Twitter about the news and banter with the viewers who love to converse there. John would get home and enter the door with phone in hand typing on Twitter. When he saw his son he would put the phone back in his pocket and share some words of wisdom with him. Everyone was proud of John. The job brought in enough cash to pay the bills and nice holidays three times a year.


On YouTube the show was very popular. They would add the bloopers behind the scenes and introduce the team. Without the team none of this would be possible. The Instagram accounts all had pictures of them sharing new equipment, locations they report from and action shots.

The show had one of those news tickers with all the news as it came in from around the world. The agency was the go to place for stories to leak. A lot of people liked John and trusted his team. Basically behind the scenes someone’s phone was always ringing. John liked it like that, his background was in electronics, Jane’s family are all well versed in playing musical instruments. Which is perhaps where she developed those angelic tones.

They both over the years of broadcasting learned a lot about emotional stability. They were both very objective in the way they went about their journalism. The sources they had worked well and the company reputation was good. The owner of the company is from this country and loves his people but rules the company with an iron bar. If staff don’t pull their weight they are down the road. The owner often popped into the studio to see everything was running smoothly. In his office on the wall is a massive wide screen television.

He loved keeping an eye on things and liked his guests to concerntrate on the live show with John and Jane. With them he was well pleased. Seeing them always made him smile. They reminded him of himself when starting out; confident, articulate and driven. The boss had been working in media from an early age. Started out as a tea boy and worked his way up the ranks. Starting his own company was a natural progression of just turning up everyday, being reliable, listening and mucking in.

By Robert Bridge

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