The Wooden Ruler: Getting to Grips with Learning through Discipline

Remember the wooden ruler? Deddies and bambinoes? Chinese burns and the cricket bat? If so like me you come from an educational background that at that time needed discipline.
It’s a controversial subject, though I feel it needs raising as more and more people get mobile phones and forget to mute or better still turn it of competently.
Rather than go back in time to bring back methods that no longer work, I want to explain how the wooden ruler played a part in society’s. What are your views on the wooden ruler?
I elaborate a little bit more to help you focus and keep you on track.
If you are listening then what did I just say about… Silence, wrong answers, hand out and point out with the wooden ruler. It makes a great point and also helps distinguish between millimetres and centimetres.
The media then included a chalk board with an over the top signature and the great thing about the provided text books was a light relief from the often unreadable chalked string of slanted letters. And if everyone became to loud you would launch what’s left of that piece of chalk in the direction of the disruption.
Nowadays we have electric laser pointers and shiny greaseboard with fancy colours and a variety of nibs to improve upon the calligraphy if need be.
And if there is any disruptions we have frequencies to sort things out.
Neurolinguistics has replaced the iron glove.
In sports we still see the same props but there is not as much need for no pain no gain.
We in 2015 now have access to the education we need in the hands and evoked this year’s ago with Christian mantras and youthful songs.
‘We got the whole wide world in our hands’.
This information is good but whilst teaching or guidance is taking place they need to be turned off.
Rapping the knuckles to change this is not going to help.
Neither is twisting the wrist till a red rash turns up.
Nor by taking your middle knuckle and tapping on the crown of the head is going to change things, besides these things are now illegal in most countries.
Bambinoes still happen to the little man it’s just people do not talk about.
They accept early on perhaps that tough love from the wooden ruler is the way forward?

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