Thinking you can help and exercising your ability to help

truth is in the pudding

Thinking you can help is one thing but actually thinking and exercising this ability is another and as you will find out can have a big strain on the brain. Other peoples stuff it seems is all around us, your perception to understand thoughts and feelings is one thing. Whilst being able to help other people as well as your self with practical wants and needs is another. Getting to a position of trust requires a few examples of success. With that in mind I am going to write today about a couple of films that address this topic. I also want to cover the digestion of various things. Food is one but media is another. Everyday another film comes out just as every year universities commission new books and new ways of looking at the current state of the media. This has to be digested and the effects of this I think are showing on people in different ways. This theory is not my own however I have not seen it too many places. Hopefully to many of you this new information will help you and if there is any overload I shall cover myself by offering you a few Alka Seltzer settlers to reduce the bloating (Read on to find out more please).
Why do we try and help other people in the first place, I mean what makes you think you are qualified to do anything?
♠ The landscape has definitely changed and as a consequence more books are being published, new articles on blogs are being made which is making an effect on the media. When I say media I mean the news, films, documentaries, broad sheets, tabloids and niche mags. Like a game of dominoes anyone can play once they know the rules. The media makes it easier for us to consume information. Agree or disagree there are equal effects that none of us can talk about from one place or another of real qualification. That said we all with the confidence instilled with new information have the power to execute new skills. We do not have to access the higher self to do this unless of course we are employed to do this sort of thing. I would like to tell you that the oppurtunity to get involved has increased though I am convinced the red tape that comes with digital qualifications has diminished everyones ability to get involved. Its also easy to see how minds are being swayed by the latest gimmicks. The more you spend in this world of digesting things you will never be able to use yourself which in-turn expands your stomachs: Your belly, your cranium  (Lemmings) and well you can imagine where the other influencer is.
We wave around opinions and quick reactions to things without drawing upon what we already know. The world of academia teaches us to stretch it out and make people really earn the right to understand these helpful revelations of writing stories. So now you must help in order to remember and I submit to you that is perhaps why the thought of being qualified enough is a valid thought. The problem seems to be although new information is good its often already been looked at and hardly relevant. Half of the gimmicks we read about now and simply exploring old bodies of text in a new way. So in a way you are under and illusion thinking you are learning something new and doing something in a different way. The energy you expel has to go someway and ways heavy as a stone on these various stomachs. The elasticity of the brain is also being tested.
Who make the best helpers and why do they do what they do if they are not getting paid?
Helping from the heart is different to helping from the stomach. We do not have a choice in the matter. Doctors will tell you that it is not a gift you have but something else. Watch the film with John Travolta in it. In the film a light comes and gives him knowledge. His brain and heart rate increase making him want to help people. The solutions he has work and he shares and helps every Tom, Dick and Harry in the village.
The ones around him (including doctors) are concerned because they can see all this racing around helping other people is sure to send him to an early grave. They even give him a Cat scan to find out what goes where. The film is several years old but I liked it. Its a family film from 2008. Anyway John Travolta does not get paid for helping farmers in the village; helping them to increase their yield of crops a year. Or factories in how to get more done in the day, to giving advice to the barman on how to run his pub.
It sounds silly I know but the reality is some people are blessed. Then there is this idea that everyone has there place and can be relied as such to follow through for years and years with the help and support a winning team needs. This is rarely the case though.
Most of us are so wrapped up in our own commitments its difficult to contribute by throwing out broad nets. Fishing around is not for everyone, most people go for one fish, they use the same bait, are sure of the time and date when best to get a good catch. Selling has always been part of fishmongers or chilled department of supermarkets but there is a chain of events that happen before the fish ends up wrapped in foil and tossed into the cleanly scrubbed oven. The best helpers I think are those who’s interests depend on what needs to be done.
Often something has happened in their lifetime that has cultivated the desire to get involved in this particular team. And when the oppurtunity rears its head they jump onto it like a crocodile does to stalk.
Being paid is not the goal, the goal is watching things chug over smoothly, or the goal might be to see some development that is going to help rather than hinder. A solution rather than a problem. Simple stuff for simple people with time on their sides. Be sure though to exercise properly because everything you eat, every film you watch and every new lecture that fills you up with knowledge is going to weigh heavy on your stomachs.
Thinking and exercising is never a simple process, this is why it is great to have friends you can talk to outside of the team you getting involved with. Confidentiality is important but being able to randomly explore mistakes before they happen is one sure fire way of you making yourself and even better valued member of anything that is set to succeed.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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