Understanding Agendas

understanding agendas

There are a number of agendas out there from a variety of organisations. Some of the reasons are just though selected from a small number of cases in a broad global occurrence. These occurrences may challenge the groups and organisations to help, to over throw (take away its power and authority) or to justify their(re) own existence. In this article I give my personal opinion on observations on a topic which I have noticed has entered into the World Wide Web reaching a number of people. Many of whom will be scared of from freedom through teachings, this includes organisations as high up as the White House, Houses of Parliament and all the worlds countries recommendations. when a large percentage of the population become effected by change in society, culture and consciousness more organisations sprout up from obscurity who are looking for funding for example. They may be able to facilitate short term improvements with annual funding, though I am adamant this funding will be the downfall of these organisations. Internally I am sure there is a crossover of members and paid servants who are able to navigate the improvements and talk about change in a more solid format. I wish not to step on any toes of organisations built to provide work in society, however I do hope to reiterate what I have already mentioned in this long introductory paragraph.

When things go wrong for individuals there is always a monopoly of organisations that profit and depend on a percentage of people coming through there doors. The consumer world we live in is cleverly marketed and introduced at various times in many just organisations that depend upon this type of education owing to the understanding of the current culture.

Language in schools is taught in tandem with cans or bottles of pop, french pastries and German sauerkraut. Science is taught referring to local native scientists observations and this varies wherever your home town is situated. History has a choice of base foundations. Art has a variety of favoured localised topics that could influence global awarenesses. Mathematics can be selective and used in marketing trends. Globally in this day and age we assume education is good enough thanks to the possibility of access to the internet. From young to old or elders down to the youth guidance and experience exists. Either way there are structures in place where citizens should be safe.

Governments are assigned to help leaders but are pressurised by entrepreneur’s who financially excel or voice and opinion carry weight. Again this is another part of the origin of agendas growing in the minds of people.

Sportsman sponsorship and product placement, charitable awareness are but some of the financial options. Celebrities who star in various films endorse various ways of thinking, cultural ways of dining out to promote new films soon for release.

Documentaries are made by smaller directors and funded easily on a shoestring. Joint ventures with channel uploads can help subscriptions grow from nothing. My point is when small groups hit critical points of exponential growth more people as exposed to a variety of sources, some of them are clones and simply add little bits of other information to outdo each other. Some of these documentaries are made to hide the original documentary and are funded by a number of possible organisations to protect products or to cash in on the trending news by assigning advertising banners and news tickers subliminally getting in front of eyeballs, ears and narratives.

Personal experience from people can be used who have publicly gone out publicly to talk about there experience, these people perhaps understand there are organisations who wish to compile negative experience to challenge the points made in the first paragraph of this article about understanding agendas. Equally there maybe just reasons for going public, due to the negative experience of walking into groups that have either experienced low attendance, lack of recent organisation in place or just bad luck on a particular day. And its interesting to understand although often horrible what may have happened, without downgrading experience, the understanding the world is like that in all pockets of society.

The law globally, culturally, ethnographically varies however there is a clear line for cases of wrong doing. There is also notably a structure in place that are understood by police in various countries that are told to refer wrongs done in communities particularly certain religions where judgements and procedures are put in place. The reason for this is to protect the communities reputation. The fact that the authorities accept this may say something for agendas, especially when organisations are challenged. Also the rise in cases can cause strain on agencies or infrastructures of legal organisations. Equally a lack of things to do can be part of why changes in law take place. Leaders change, just as bad people and bad organisations live longer.

When enough people are rounded up from a variety of online sources the problems are amplified. Individual bad cases put together by organisations with an agenda can cause dissonance between members of organisations who have overcome difficulties and for whatever reasons keep going back. Strength and hope is personal and many people have resonated with parts of the cure and selected a variety of cliches far away from new comers who walk in the door and take personal opinions to heart. Again understanding this, in addition to global consciousness multiplied by addition ebb and flow of financial reasons. The good thing for the individual who goes popular is the exposure will hopefully help then reach the compassion they deserve.

The problem seems to be with problems that are symptom of the individuals reoccurring experience and current situation. For example when people fall from the wayside the chaos around them as much as created by there own fears, where they are at resonates with other individuals living in equal chaos. When hiatus from this comes, I think a noticeable message is received, which people cling to and tolerate groups of people who are living daily free from exponential chaos. Agendas from outside organisations if just need help in resolving problems, however the challenges of groups and individuals who are in chaos, hurt or resentful in some way could evoke chaos for those who have found protective bubbles protecting them from outside forces.

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