What about MMC, who does what and Why perhaps…

Making a story up to help your target audience? Perhaps your in the throws of a campaign and not sure where to go from here. Media Marketing Communications can help, right? Perhaps…

One way of dealing with things is throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. Its not the best idea but everyone do toe tapping. You get your feet wet before you belly flop of the board into the pool.

Money is always an option, but where to start. The moment the wallet comes out, people point you to Fivver or some Craigslist page in Manilla. Is rather insulting really, like taking money of homeless people then telling them something horrible, is not nice don’t do it. Still you’ll have to put your hands in your back arse pocket soon.

Starting out is good, most people have a plan and proposition, but not everybody do and that’ s where I come in with my website. Is just a rant really, a place where you come, read, like or don’t. Thanks for those have proposed over the years and pitched your wares, your doing well. I still here. So many things we do promise the world, disappear, then sprout up again.

I can help with research, I have various methods of contacting people and getting to the bottom of all the loopholes before they arise. Not big on long winded, drawn out documents that will only go dusty on a shelf someplace.

If you want me to do everything for you, set and forget is not going to happen. Not me. Actually I don’t think anybody does that sort of thing. And even if they did, they probably used Grammarly or some other spell checker.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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