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My niche is happiness and helping people. I do this by pulling back the superficial veneer is a comfortable and hopefully enjoyable way.

The kind of people I wish to work with are already successful, often not knowing they just going through a bit of a bad patch and need a simple nudge to recalibrate or navigate through the situation.

Relaxing and re kindling reasons originally why, finding out the truth about attractive shiny objects or just keeping up with the ‘curve’.

Health and happiness go hand in hand.

Having someone like me available to talk too I have found is important.

Many of you already have accountability partners, other half’s nagging or clearing up after you.

Talking is great and confidentiality is something here you can rely on.

Someone to say good morning and good night is enough even a couple of weeks to get you through them bumps in the road.

Many of you are worried about what your other half might think about you speaking to me, your agency, CEO or manager.

Is ok, in fact I recommend you not telling these overlords about are little arrangement. Secrecy is often that missing little secret clients crave in this honest hustling and bustling world.

The great thing about people like me is recordings if any are for your benefit. I very forgetful and have over the years forgotten about things myself.

The great thing you can I hope expect is communication with a blank wall. Perhaps you don’t want to speak to anyone else about these matters.

After speaking to me people realize and remember who that second opinion they value is and decide to speak to them again.

Welcome to the crossroads, speak to me and I will do some advocacy.

Different horses for different courses no one conversation is the same.

I know a list of people, how they think, what they looking for and the common laws of life that without a simple nudge can go wrong longer than need be.

I seen my place in this, wherever you turn online there actually are other people just like me who are available and want to help, they do help and can help.

I here to remind you not to underestimate that. I not soft either so if you have concerns about getting me in trouble by speaking to me that’s fine I can look after myself and Mutley’s here.

Also you not be ashamed, I not here to judge. Listening is part and parcel of helping.

My perfect client is somebody who is able to recognize instructions they already know work for them.

Life is very precious, your very good and I am too. If you cannot see that, know this there was a day when you seen all this sort of stuff.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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