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When International Communications Break Down

A lot of people talk words and is difficult to understand what they saying. Internationally for some time now we have been moving two steps forward and three steps back. Communications can either make or brake you. This entry explores the rules breaking out these days.

For whatever reasons transnational communications breakdown when things go wrong.

Passed down information, like gossip can get misconstrued.

yes it does still happen.

Across the globe more people are connected digitally than ever before.

A rise in VoIP communications offers face to face interaction which installs trust.

When people of power talk this way things can go wrong.

Monitoring media is not so hard to assume anymore,
this means conversations can be recorded,
intercepted in some way or even worse digitally created.

With photo shop, retinal operations and plastic surgery these days anything is possible.

The pulse of the media is change, sound travels as we touch glass screens.

Words are written by themselves and dictionary’s have improved the way text is seamlessly written.

The great news is it’s easy to tell when someone is reading from the Teleprompter.

Be reminded though Max Hendrom has been about for thirty years.

Max Hendrom for those who are too young to remember was an Anchor Man and like Bruce Lee fighting he when talking never stopped moving.

Sometimes he would black out but he’d always come back again talking rubbish.

He looked like that boy of TV show Red Dwarf, the robotic helper who sounds a bit like C3P0 an android from the Star Wars trilogy.

How international are we?

Anywhere with a communication network that we can cipher.

This requires a power connection, a lead that works both ends and people to talk to one another.

The incentives for global communications include:

Paid positions of power doing a job

Finding, interviewing and recruiting
General chit chat and cold calling leads
Meeting of expert minds troubleshooting
Family business and nepotism
Testimonies and eye witness statement’s

I invite you to leave some suggestions in the comments below.

You may even get a link pointing to your own website.

Be warned though I like reading, not big on posh images and advertising nor am I unacquainted with VLogs.

Internationally we can assume there is an alliance between one another.

It isa reciprocal understanding where like minded bloggers are scratching and splashing each others back’s.

In public organisations this is when things more sticky.

Recently reputation is everything and sometimes this is all we have.

Globalisation has not changed the fact that one bad apple can spoil the batch.

When two people meet and talk flippantly, immediate action of power should never be taken lightly.

Most good leaders surround themselves with a secret council of ten or about that.

Just enough people to bounce of and explore all the best possibilities.

One wrong move could lead to mistakes.

This is why leaders should speak more candidly to peers.

They do not want constant agreement in fact they should want people around them to challenge beliefs.

After all nothing is set in stone, right?

The truth is internationally we don’t all get on.

Its difficult to compete with big organisations with agendas and its not like there is a hypocratical oath for bloggers and journalist’s.

These agendas branded as fake news has not worked. This proves my point: ‘You are what you speak’.

When words become reality no matter how discarnate or true a conversation is nothing compares to the truth that lies within.

And mindfulness is another thing being drilled peoples heads.

At the end of the day, behind every country there is a pipeline leading to the truth.

We all seek more energy and a seeking online fresh new awakenings.

The sad truth is a lot of people like to dress up in rubber uniforms, pretending to be nurses and police officers regardless of gender.

Uniforms you bet your bottom dollar are being stitched as we speak.

And again like global international communications these frameworks are being built decades in advance.

I’d like you to think about how we can avoid framing our leaders.

Think of new ways we can hold each others hands across the busy street. Help normal people; come out the closet so we start challenging left wing sissified agenda’s.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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