WordPress 2017 Theme Review

This year came out with its new template 2017. This framework is much better than all the other default themes. If you use the theme is still not yet available. That said WordPress Com has also made some nice updates to the customise options for on-page web design. The responsive updates on blogging templates look great on the front end, however behind the scenes (within the code) there is usually all sorts of errors. In this article I submit a quick review of WordPress 2017 and describe some of the features I noticed whilst playing around within the admin panel.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I have been using WordPress for over ten years. Before WordPress days I’d use Blogspot (Bloggers) and Myspace to blog about things I wanted you to know about. I still use Google blogs and am curious to how I can semi host hybrid blogs on all servers. That includes Tumblr. So if you have found a way of doing this please let me know in the Facebook comments below.

WordPress 2017 theme is almost perfect. The recent update is even better because you can include 4 pages on your home page no bother. There is a banner which includes MP4 or YouTube videos. There is a nice responsive easily editable main menu which hovers and changes at the top of the page. This feature works on most browsers and mobile phones. To avoid any coding disputes you can take advantage of the Amp plugin which helps browsers of all descriptions easily read blogposts by avoiding heavy coding. Without it your site looks great it just has about 43 errors. You can also experience error codes when updating site. I suspect these errors come about from the security and WPCache features. Equally many SEO plugins have settings which we all need to know how to sort out. There are so many plugins that clash with hosting mixups these days, is good to be on your toes.

The comments have always caused issues for me. I understand the importance of providing readers to comment. That said behind the scenes as a webmaster I see a lot of rubbish.

By Robert Bridge

Hi my name is Robert Bridge. I like wordpress websites and write about various topics online.

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