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Writing Stories On The Backend Of Older Authors Successes

This post is all about writing stories and reading into other authors successes to improve your own story. We go into the various techniques used in day to day writing.

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Writing stories to create a posh cv.

This post is all about writing stories and reading into other authors successes to improve your own story. We go into the various techniques used in day to day writing, from times when the only real means of residual stay at home dads income was writing.

Not just writing for the sake of it rather writing stories in various unique styles and repeating this throughout book after book. Blogging is a little bit like booking in that its available online for everyone to read. The only difference is when writing these stories you don’t have to pay for it.

I like to start of a lot of my articles with a mind map, granted I have not done this for a while however I do recommend it and I will go on a little bit about that later on.

Basically its just another one of those ways to keep me focused when writing. Its so easy to go of topic when talking about other peoples stuff, that said if I cannot improve my writing with the greatest novels ever written and find out how to read into why it was so successful then is difficult for me to explain how I am growing as a writer.

An automated writer would argue the toss, however if truly the writing is automated then surely they know from which source the information they are receiving is coming from. It is so easy to read a book, retrieve something special and end up squeezing it into your own narrated story.

Plagiarism has never been so rife. What I like about finding out all about great authors and what they did so well, is an educational takeaway that can only raise awareness of these things.

He started of out with a comforting arm around the shoulders simultaneously asking did you enjoy the bit when he took you into what it meant to him friendship? What comfort did you find in the way he asked such simple questions?

Do you think his introductions came at a pace that suited the best introduction?

Like a wine connoisseur you will be able to trace the original styles, tempo’s and order of things from books of the past that sold out quicker than you could say Amazon Rain Forrest.

Becoming a connoisseur of writing stories takes time

The connoisseur of time I would imagine would have like the mind map three tree’s on consciousness and in his mind he would start of with a central image.

The plan of writing stories can act like a skeleton in the biology closet, you pull it out and go from there. And the human factor will help you get from where you started out and act like a spell checker at the end to see you ticked all the boxes.

When you talk to yourself and struggle to understand or hear what it is you are saying then how do you expect for anyone else to hear whatever it is you said.

Or more importantly at what point do you think the reader is going to throw away the desire to finish reading whatever it is you are nibbling under your breath.

In the media there can be more than one excuse for this sort of behaviour, but as we find out no one cares really about the excuse all they actually care about in communications is: how are you going to fix it?

Perhaps you need someone else to articulate what it is you are saying when writing stories.

You might want to write it and get an actor to read it out for you.

If they are a good actor they may even put their own experience into the script.

The human touch can alter simple scripts which on paper look bland and basically nothing to write home about.

Again hand signals, facial expressions and nostril twitching are all attraction factors that determine whether a viewer ( and reader ) will want to gravitate towards your characters in your story.

If you have a team of people you want to do a Q & A to find out what couple of paragraphs you can add to their team who are writing stories.

In each story everyone should seem unique and the name should extenuate (highlight) who they are.

Every story for example has a good guy. Other stories have bad guys and usually in between in a heroine who is expectedly going to go through some sort of hardship or be caught between the good and bad.

The agendas now have changed and if you wish to magnetise readers then these traditional narratives have changed.

We see this in newer films where stereotypical people are portrayed in surprising ways, almost reaching out to the newer original village idiots. Good luck with writing stories.

By Robert Bridge

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